James Maddison to sign new Leicester City contract imminently

James Maddison is arguably Leicester City’s most valuable player. As MVP, Leicester City should protect their asset by handing him a new deal.

With the Leicester City squad undertaking a midwinter break there will be less breaking news and fewer notable incidents to analyse, because there isn’t a Foxes match until February 14. That fixture is away to Wolverhampton Wanderers, Midlands and European qualifying rivals.

Despite the players enjoying a holiday from the game, they will maintain fitness. Not to mention some administrative work presumably being conducted. This may potentially include a particularly important piece of in-house business.

Leicester City’s James Maddison

Protecting one’s best assets is a necessity in maintaining prowess along with efficiency; this model is of course not just applicable to sports, but in many goods and services globally. In football it is absolutely vital: star players as well as managers equals better positions and more revenue. Simple.

Therefore Leicester City would be wise to obtain a form of insurance for their main men. With commodities – excuse the formality – the outcome has to be the same: don’t get burned like you did with N’golo Kante, again! Release clauses are apparently outlawed at City.

At present James Maddison is the King Power club’s prized player, in Foxes of Leicester’s opinion. Wilfred Ndidi, Ben Chilwell and Jamie Vardy, in spite of age, come very close. Though Maddison has the profile, skills, status and playing impact desired to be a superstar eventually, with focus.

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So it was no surprise to read from trusted journalist, John Percy of the Telegraph, that the England international is “close” to signing a new Leicester deal. FoL believes the fresh contract could be announced imminently; one would certainly expect it to be before the East Midlanders return to Premier League action. The proposed improvement will make ‘Madders’ one of the highest paid Foxes.

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