Everton Vs Leicester City: Doubts over Foxes’ return to action

Everton Director of Football Marcel Brand has thrown doubt over Leicester City’s return to action against the Toffees.

The Foxes are due to be back to business on Monday, April 6; however, owing to a serious lack of any control on matters as far as the coronavirus outbreak is concerned, there is a good chance we could have an extended suspension.

With the Premier League chiefs set to meet this Thursday to discuss what happens next, Brand has already stated that the chances of any normality are not that high.

Speaking on Dutch TV show Rondo, he said:

“I wonder if we can play football on April 6.

“I don’t think the chance is that big.”

Leicester City have themselves had an unnamed trio in self-isolation but thankfully, none of them have shown any further symptoms or hit the threshold for testing.

It is a rare piece of good news in a period that has mostly been laden with tragedies. Most recently, Spanish football coach Francisco Garcia died from the coronavirus aged just 21.

As it turned out later upon his diagnosis, he had also been suffering from leukemia, which made his situation yet more complicated.

Times like these are when you are all able to put everything into perspective. You realise just how more important life is than football, and no matter how attached we are to the sport, ultimately, nothing is above life and death.

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If needs be, the PL must go on and cancel the season. Liverpool can win the league another year, Leicester can qualify for the UEFA Champions another year, but a life lost will never come back.

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