Leicester midfielder admittedly seeks permanent transfer

Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

It wasn’t a good start for Adrien Silva at Leicester City, then things never improved for the Portuguese. Now the midfielder is seeking a permanent transfer.

The 14 seconds transfer debacle which engulfed Adrien Silva will never be lived down. To be fair to Leicester City and their supporters, they made humour out of a bad situation: the club handing the player the squad number ’14’.

Us Foxes supporters just laughed, eventually. Admittedly after the initial tears for a now old-fashioned, typical incompetence as well as disappointment. In all honesty the team hasn’t had many major issues of that magnitude for years – it’s a great outfit to be associated with overall.

Adrien Silva’s future at Leicester City

Remembering back to the usual month – or in the Portugal international’s case, a year – of transfer gossip and speculation along with solid inside information, some of us Blue Army members were so optimistic. Around that time Silva signing felt like we may have been getting a player of Bruno Fernandes’ quality.

They’re obviously a national team-mates and of a similar style of play. Yet when Silva did get Premier League outings under his belt, he didn’t prove himself anything like as resilient, determined or highly skilful in the English top-flight as his compatriot.

Maybe it’s because Silva wanted to be deployed in the hole, or a No.10 role if you prefer. His positioning seemed more central and defensive which stifled his natural game, in this writer’s opinion. Not to mention the match fitness lost and mental torture endured as a result of his ill-fated move to King Power Stadium.

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As a result of all that, the former Sporting Lisbon man went on loan to AS Monaco in 2019 and it appears he wants to stay there, understandably. He even goes so far as to say “I’ve never hid that I would like to return [to Leicester City]”.