Leicester City deserve Champions League football, says Jamie Carragher

Leicester City deserve to be in the UEFA Champions League next season, says former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

There is a clear difference of opinion on how the Premier League season must be concluded, with the majority demanding for it be declared void in order to protect the interests of the clubs in the relegation zone

However, Liverpool fans, and, of course, fans of the clubs currently occupying the European spots in particular have called for “sporting merit”, which UEFA seems to agree with.

The governing body has decided that if the league campaigns cannot be concluded, then the European qualification must be handed based on merit.

Sky Sports pundit Carragher does not differ at all, stating that the Reds must be awarded the title, Leicester be given UCL qualification and Leeds United be promoted to the top division.

“In the current circumstances, it is impossible for clubs with a chance of a trophy, Champions League qualification or promotion to publicly express an eagerness to continue because of the backlash that will follow; the accusation that they care more about their ambitions than the health of the nation,” he wrote in his column for The Telegraph. 

“As a former Liverpool player, I acknowledge that restarting the season helps Liverpool towards the title.

“But based on the 29 games played, who can reasonably say Jurgen Klopp’s side do not deserve it?

“Based on the fixtures played, I also believe Leicester City deserve Champions League football and Leeds United to be promoted to the Premier League.”

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to get worse in the United Kingdom, the Premier League will have to make a decision soon.

Surely, under the current circumstances, resuming the season is not an option at all regardless of how they plan to do accomplish it.

The sponsors may have a lot at stake and clubs might be looking at massive financial losses, but we do know very well that there is enough money in the game to be able to recover.

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So the decision has to be regarding a conclusion, not a resumption. The Eredivisie has set an example by declaring the season void, and the PL can and should do the same.

29 games do not a season make. Simple as.

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