Premier League accelerates safe return proposals: Leicester news

Leicester City (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Leicester City (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Leicester City will be affected by the latest updates on a return to training and playing from the English Premier League.

Can you actually believe it’s been almost two months since we last witnessed Leicester City in action? The coronavirus lockdown has upended mostly all of world football. Obviously sport is insignificant in comparison to people’s lives during an ongoing deadly pandemic. Though there is now a return to normality in sight.

This week the English Premier League provided information on how a comeback could materialize. Obviously we’ve seen many clubs revert to the training ground sessions. Although, players are still supposed to be adhering to social distancing rules and practicing or undertaking gym work alone whilst at the facilities.

Returning to the normality for Leicester City, league

First of all, Premier League medical advisor Dr Mark Gillett had given the government guidelines of implementation for activities to resume. Obviously they will have to be approved by the cabinet or debated at parliament.

There has also been some outcry at the proposals, specifically the one which suggest testing premiership athletes twice weekly. Certain observers understandably wanted to ensure NHS workers and key staff would be tested first.

Albeit that stipulation, according to Sky Sports, is a specification of Gillet’s ideas. However, Dr Michel D’Hooghe, chairman of FIFA’s medical committee, said the world is not ready for competitive football. Therefore, despite training resuming, the aim that the division will restart in June is also consequently debatable. Clubs are set to debate the notion on Friday.

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Another area which the EPL and government will deliberate over is the issue of spreading. Face masks will be worn by squads when full training begins, per Daily Mirror. With the outlet also reporting that Boris Johnson’s office is keen for sides to start collectively keeping fit with a June restart in the frame.