How training has gone since Leicester squad returned

A sign, King Power Stadium (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
A sign, King Power Stadium (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers welcomed his Foxes squad back to training last week. How did the group get on in Step One of the Premier League’s comeback?

Football really doesn’t feel far away now for those of us in England, or those of you elsewhere who love the Premier League. Leicester City are yet to be given an opponent for the return of the English top-flight; though a comeback is penciled in for June 12 or the following weekend, on the 19th. Both dates are Fridays; all matches are set to be televised, possibly for free.

When the division does restart, there won’t be any fans allowed in the stadia which hold games. And the matches are probably going to be held at neutral venues. It’s worth it, we all need some new entertainment to help us get through the end of lockdown. Hopefully supporters will be admitted sooner rather than later, too.

Brendan Rodgers on Leicester City squad’s return

So, clubs have reverted to full practice sessions following government and premiership permission. Although only small groups of five players are permitted to train together.

Other elements of ‘Step One’ of the ‘Return to Training Protocol’ are, according to, “non-contact and socially distanced, with players reporting in intervals, wearing training kit, ready to work immediately”. Athletes are also routinely tested for coronavirus; only one Bournemouth player and another person gave positive tests in the most recent round, however.

On his team, Brendan Rodgers said they are in five sets staggered like golf tee-off times. Mentioning next how hard his coaches worked to enable the return. Players are grouped as such: “right-sided centre-half, right-back, right-sided central midfielder, your right winger and a striker” all together. Then the lefties are also grouped with each other.

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Goalkeepers are all working with Mike Stowell. Rodgers also spoke of everyone being mature and enthusiastic but respecting the rules. Adding that it was really good to see them all, talk tactics and chat about football in general.