Leicester fans allowed into King Power Stadium for game this season

Leicester City

Leicester City supporters (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Leicester City fans will reportedly be allowed back into King Power Stadium for one game during the 2020/21 season run-in.

Foxes of Leicester is very glad to bring you this potentially exciting news. A report on Thursday claims that up to 10,000 fans of Premier League clubs will be permitted to attend one home match towards the end of this campaign. Or, a quarter of stadia capacity, if the number is lower than than 10k.

At the moment, EPL bosses are commissioning contests to be rearranged so that evey team can play once in their stadium with a crowd. Last time this was supposed to happen, LCFC attempted to draw season ticket holders at random in order to distribute a small allocation fairly and without favouritism.

Daily Mail suggests supporters’ long-awaited return to their beloved grounds in May will naturally have a number of stipulations. For example, unfortunately for atmosphere, no away fans are allowed into the stands.

Although, not all EPL sides are said to be pleased with the proposal, due to a possible lack of social distancing being in effect. Which is presumably why support from elsewhere will not be let in. A government “green light” is expected by May 10.

Originally the league wanted to have spectators from traveling clubs in, but apparently that plan has been scrapped. Hopefully next term in 2021/22 the entire faithfuls, home and away, will attend all clashes. Yet that may be a while off with protective measures still applying to all walks of life and work.

The Premier League has shifted its calendar to allow each club to play in front of its own supporters – but no away fans will be admitted.

Officials have now confirmed to clubs that the schedule will be readjusted so every team can play a home fixture in front of a crowd before the end of the campaign.

– Mike Keegan For Mailonline