Leicester City: Will James Maddison find form or is his head turned?

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Leicester City

James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

A growing concern for Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers is the underwhelming string of performances of James Maddison. Will he find his form anytime soon?

If you have been watching City’s games regularly, then you would have witnessed how minimal of a threat James Maddison has become recently. Comparing Maddison against his former self seems like a visage of what was. Since his return from the hip injury, he did not manage to grab the promised brass rings that we all assumed he would.

The English midfielder has failed to register a goal or an assist in his 14 games since returning. From constantly being unable to create chances to not doing much with the ball at his feet, the elephant in the room needs addressing. Does the player have what it takes to weave impactful performances regularly?

Defending the player by blaming the recurrence of his hip problem hides the writing on the wall. We cannot live in denial. The underwhelming performances are a culmination of a few factors, which happened because of the player’s lack of better judgment.

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