Get Carter’s Leicester player reviews 2021/22: Best centrebacks

Wesley Fofana of Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Wesley Fofana of Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /
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Leicester City
Wesley Fofana of Leicester City (Photo by Joe Prior/Visionhaus) /

Fast forward to 17th March and Fofana was ready to go in the crucial second leg at Rennes. He gave a towering if not flawless performance, dominating aerial battles, winning duels and most spectacularly rising like a salmon to score a crucial goal to help the foxes into the quarter-finals of the Conference League. His confidence on the ball and assured nature off of it has been sorely lacking this season and it shows that since he returned to the side, Leicester only lost one of the Premier League games that he was involved in.

It is telling though that even though Fofana returned to the side, set-piece defending only marginally improved, there is still a fundamental flaw with how the foxes line up on corner kicks. Witness some of the defending at Goodison Park for proof. Fofana will be one of the first names on the teamsheet in the new season unless someone else decides to fly into his leg.

Rating 7.5/10.  – chances of leaving 0% (long contract, massive fee, not happening)

Jonny Evans

Appearances 27 / Premier League – 18 / FA Cup – 0 / League Cup – 1 / Europe – 8

Goals – 2 / 1 – Europa League / 1 – Premier League

Moment to savour – A powerhouse end-of-season performance against Southampton

Moment to forget – A hamstring injury 6 minutes into the Newcastle game leading to 6 months out