Rodgers asked about possible new Maddison contract

James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images)
James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images) /
Leicester City
James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images) /

Leicester City playmaker James Maddison has been instrumental to how the Foxes have created. Here is what Brendan Rodgers has said regarding their contract.

Maddison is perhaps the talent keeping some semblance of quality and passion intertwined within the squad. From creating chances to pressing hard high up the pitch, ‘Madders’ tries his best and is in no way at fault for the Foxes abysmal campaign.

As Sofascore‘s stats show, five goals and two assists in the 22/23 season thus far are the best of any of our players. Considering that and 14 goal contributions in his last 11 fixtures, you can see why the player is so heavily spoke about.

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James Maddison’s Leicester City contract situation

The English midfielder’s contract with the King Power club expires in June 2024. With only 18 months left, the Foxes are getting a little scared the player could head the way of Youri Tielemans. Although, even after signing a contract, it could just end the way of Wesley Fofana.

It would also be hoped that the club and the head coach were 100% aligned and communicating with regards our best talent. It should be a basic expectation of a club hoping to revive their form in the coming months and January transfer window.

"“I don’t know. You’re speaking to the wrong man. That’s for the club. My job is to coach him every day… It’s only natural you want your absolute best players to be here, and we keep saying that, but we keep losing them”Brendan Rodgers, via LeicestershireLive"

These comments from the gaffer seem both absurd and resent-filled. To be blunt, the coach should know how the situation between Madders and the side is developing. Without that, Rodgers cannot really plan his team ahead or make appropriate transfer requests.

Additionally, those final remarks – wanting to keep players but losing them – seems to be directed partially at the board and then at Fofana. You want to keep your best as a coach, but the club let’s you down and sells a player. He views that as happening too much all because of Fofana.

Pressed regarding how possible transfer speculation might affect Maddison, the Northern Irishman made some perfectly accurate and – again – resent-filled comments.

"“I would think (there would be interest). The beauty of James… it hasn’t affected him. That’s where you see the level of maturity. What we’ve seen in the past is… players are linked with all sorts of clubs because an agent has to create a market… you see the players dip… he’s a realist. He also knows he’s in a good place to develop and learn”"

Considering the two failed Newcastle United bids in the summer window, and the continuation of his impressive form, there is clearly no doubt that speculation and gossip has not negatively impacted upon the midfielder’s performances. If anything, we have seen England team speculation enhance and make more passionate his displays.

Once again though, Rodgers remembers what happened to Leicester City when the Fofana saga was ongoing. Once again, the coach singles out the agent for creating a market, drumming up interest, and harming the form of the French defender.

The boss is correct though. This negative situation is yet to develop for the English international prospect. The agent has not gone on an incessant marketing campaign, talking about dream clubs or moves upwards. The agent has been respectful, and Maddison has continued to give his all for the club.

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As Leicester seek to turn this form around, players like Maddison will be critical. They continually impress game in, game out, and certainly look like the kind of player you can build the team around. Hopefully the contractual situation ends with a longer and improved deal for the main man, but apparently we will not find this out from the gaffer.