Rodgers’ reply to Leicester fans who turned on him

Brendan Rodgers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images)
Brendan Rodgers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images) /
Leicester City
Brendan Rodgers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images) /

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers was asked about fans wanting him sacked recently. The Foxes boss had a message for supporters who turned on him.

Leicester are enjoying a drastic reversal in fortunes at the moment: from bottom place in the Premier League table they climbed out of the relegation zone and up to 13th position. The recent time of gloom and potential EPL doom for LCFC naturally coincided with calls from certain fans for Rodgers to be relieved of duty.

I too must admit to being among that group when nothing the Northern Irishman did seemed right for the team. A side which was performing awfully; in the last month the turnaround in form and results has been nothing short of astonishing. Fair play to the gaffer. I am still unconvinced of his willingness to change negative elements when necessary, but this rejuvenation is undeniably impressive. Long may the upturn continue.

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Whereas FoL‘s criticism of Rodgers is always constructive and attempts to be respectful, some supposed supporters of the east Midlands club attack the man personally and say vile things. These instances and incidents occur more frequently on Twitter.

There are also public showings like banners held up and the like, though they haven’t been aggressive or nasty from what I have seen. And Rodgers did give a response to his detractors during a press conference for a match not too long ago:

"“You can walk on water one game and do nothing wrong and the next game you lose you’re the devil. I have always tried to approach it that you’re always going to have critics.“You’re always going to have different types of supporters. You get the supporters who will always support you because you’re the manager of their club. They will respect you, you’re the custodian of their club. The second group is let’s see how he does and we will take it from there.“The third is the critics. So when you win a game 4-0 you should have won by five or six. So as a manager when you have experience you understand that with that group you’ll never ever change their mind. No matter what you do. Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest manager, would have had people in that third group. It’s the people in the first two groups you want to influence and you learn that through experience.“It’s patience in life but in football clearly it isn’t there so much. Thankfully if you have clever owners that use their common sense then you can benefit for sure. The nature of the game now I think there is a real witch hunt for managers to lose their job,” Rodgers added. “I don’t see that changing too much. It takes the strength of the board to trust a manager.”"

Leicester City players soon-to-be featuring at the World Cup

The most notable of all major international tournaments begins on Sunday, November 20. Hosts Qatar face Ecuador in Group A. Following that game is England’s initial Group B clash is on Monday afternoon, with Gareth Southgate’s men playing Iran. This means Foxes star James Maddison might perhaps compete in his first World Cup, a professed dream of his.

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However, Maddison has literally only just broken back into the Three Lions setup after being omitted and disregarded by Southgate for three years. Therefore the Blue Army’s hopes to see their LCFC hero on the pitch hang in the balance. Foxes of Leicester believe, meanwhile, that the playmaker is precisely what is missing from the England side.