These 3 Leicester players aren’t pulling their weight

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Leicester City

Leicester City’s Zambian striker Patson Daka (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Since Leicester City’s return to the Premier League, the team’s ability to punch above their weight held spectators captivated. The grit combined with individual performances was enough to cause upsets left, right, and center. A lot of that upsurge happened because of well-oiled role players. Everyone was versed adequately with their capabilities and the task at hand.

Jump to 2023, where the Foxes‘ management had failed to show their boldness by giving the current manager, Brendan Rodgers, a pass over their ruthless sacking even after some vital losses. The lack of ambition has only propelled Rodgers to find excuses one after another, sparing no one in the process to compensate for his frequent shortcomings.

The fans quite rightfully point out that the Northern Irishman had actually failed to develop any single talent under his tutelage. It’s concerning because most of the contracts of the first-team players are due to run their courses by the end of this season. There’s little chance of renewing most of them as half of them failed to show their worth.

Frankly, after so many disappointing displays, the blame game doesn’t stop. From the chairman to the players- the whole debauchery can be credited to a lack of a combined effort. Disregarding the ownership, for now, it’s clinical to point out the players who have clearly frustrated the fans by not pulling their weights in the first team.

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