Will Leicester City avoid relegation this season?

Leicester City's King Power Stadium (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)
Leicester City's King Power Stadium (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /
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Leicester City remains in a situation where safety isn’t half-guaranteed, and danger looms too close for discomfort. The claws of relegation might soon catch us up by escaping our rear-view mirrors.

Brendan Rodgers looked to have hit a melancholic chord to reignite the outfit’s lost potential after the transfer window concluded its business. However, that assessment might have been an overestimation.

Leicester City’s mid-season efforts

It’s true that with new personnel coming in to fill in the blanks, the side saw a sudden resurgence in form by reinforcing certain areas that became fragile. Those privy aspects became the fixation of league-wide exploitation.

Key areas in defending got some much-needed re-work alongside forming the composures for covering oppositional corners. These were integral aspects that saw the Foxes bounce back momentarily from the perils of the relegation zone.

Their time at the bottom half of the mid-table again remains inconsistent. The side has gathered 24 hard-earned points from 24 games played this season. There are 14 games left, where the East Midlands side would try their best to break that 40-mark threshold. The calculation says 1.14 points on average compared to their 1-point per game record till now.

There is no apparent reason why this team, which has done relatively better against its 2022 performances, can’t do the deed. The concerns are with other challengers, who can turn the battle for survival much more challenging than it already is.