Brendan Rodgers responds to Leicester City fans calling for him to be sacked

Brendan Rogers, Manager of Leicester City (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)
Brendan Rogers, Manager of Leicester City (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images) /

Leicester City head coach Brendan Rodgers has responded to supporters who have called for the manager to be sacked. Here is what he has said.

25 games played, 24 points gained, 15th in the league. The King Power club are on a rough patch of form after what looked like a revival with the three new signings; the Northern Irishman has taken the brunt of supporter’s anguish. After the match against Southampton, there were fans calling for the sacking of the head coach.

Leicester City coach responds

Firstly, what is the coach responding to? Calls for him to be sacked, born out of the disastrous form and pathetic tactical resilience of the Foxes. Based on expected goals against, Leicester are 18th in the league. Defensive ineptitude. We are lucky too: scoring 36 goals from 30xG. After the loss to Southampton, Rodgers had this to say about supporter’s opinion on his current management:

"“I respect the opinions… It’s been very up and down for us. I think for the supporters it’s been a challenge from the very first game. We had no signings”"

Essentially, the boss ‘respects’ the reasons we have for not being most pleased. The season has been inconsistent, and yes it has been a challenge when at the start of the season we saw very little to provide optimism and excitement beyond stadium development plans.

"“They pay their money and have travelled a long way. They’ll be disappointed tonight. My message is just make sure they stay with the players. They have given everything. They are going to need the supporters between now and the end of the season”"

Disappointed is an understatement. That loss to Southampton was expected but nowhere near what supporters wanted from City. The thought was: after two losses to great teams, then we would see an improvement against a relegation candidate.

The boss wants fans to be a player: stick behind the players and support them through this rough time. Rodgers warns us that the players need their support more than the supporters need to see better results. This might help, but I doubt it.

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What Rodgers needs to do is this: pick a strong team, improve our defence, or move out the way. What would you do if you were the head coach? Let Foxes of Leicester know on our social media channels.