Leicester player criticises Rodgers as pair publicly fall out

Jannik Vestergaard of Leicester City (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)
Jannik Vestergaard of Leicester City (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images) /

Foxes of Leicester discuss whether unwanted Leicester City defender Jannik Vestergaard was right to criticise Brendan Rodgers, as the two quarrel indirectly yet publicly.

There are always inter-squad problems in any team, from grassroots youngster football all the way up to the Premier League. Sometimes the latter professionals act more immaturely than the kids longingly looking up to them. I don’t consider unfavourable signings unprofessional on the whole, such as Vestergaard. I also understand his personal problem with LCFC, to an extent: the east Midlanders wanted him dearly, but the transfer has not worked out. The failure can be applied to both parties.

Although I see the Denmark international’s issue with playing time and being so far down the pecking order, he has received opportunities in the first side. I wouldn’t say plenty of chances, but generally a few over time in a couple of different competitions. And we all know that he didn’t impress for the Foxes overall. For all of his qualities – they do exist as an English top-flight as well as National team representative, if you’re that cynical – Vestergaard struggled massively to showcase what he has adequately done for previous club Southampton and his country.

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Was Jannik Vestergaard right to publicly call out Leicester City gaffer?

Unfortunately, the centreback gave an interview to Danish media which was unsanctioned by Leicester City Football Club. Basically he was critical of the Northern Irishman:

"‘I really felt wanted by Brendan Rodgers. While I was at Southampton, he really convinced me that I should switch to Leicester. I was already very close to switching from Southampton to Leicester, a year and a half before it became a reality.‘So Brendan Rodgers and the club knew exactly which player they were buying with both my strengths and weaknesses, and it’s hard to understand that from one moment to the next I’m suddenly unusable. It feels strange, I must admit.’"

Ultimately, I believe the key factor here to deciding who is right or wrong is the fact that the defender rejected moves to other good clubs. Leicester could have had a reported £16million from Fulham for Vestergaard in January; everyone could have been happy with that – except eventually the Cottagers, possibly. That dead deal is a real annoyance to much of the Blue Army.

Why would the player decline to leave an outfit where he is clearly not wanted for a reasonable switch? Surely the decision isn’t to merely run down another remaining year on his contract. Rodgers’ retort to his player is below:

"‘I’ll not talk too much on it as it was an unauthorised interview. He said he didn’t know why. I had to make sure I wasn’t talking to his twin brother, because I’ve been very clear on his position on the club. That communication has always been there. I was surprised. Anything that happened, we’ll deal with internally."

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Yes, Rodgers may not be the best man manager, if we trust hearsay and conjecture. Though a host of others haven’t emerged to denounce the former Liverpool head coach, at least not in public. Vestergaard, meanwhile, is said to be training alone.