Relatable Maddison shows passion for Leicester survival

James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)
James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images) /
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Leicester City
James Maddison of Leicester City (Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images) /

Nevertheless, when there is such a large disparity between performances, and many clubs around LCFC would kill to have the squad of attacking talents that Rodgers possess it does bring the question round to culpability. That also brings us to his most recent tweet post the 1-1 draw away at Brentford on Saturday afternoon.

As Maddison states “No shame in a point at Brentford” which in itself is absolutely correct and nothing he says in the rest of his tweet should be criticised. Complimenting Harvey Barnes who has dipped in and out of form throughout the campaign perhaps being the reason why he gave the winger some praise in said tweet. It is merely the defensive nature in which he writes it that seems like a way of addressing the negativity in the fanbase around the current performances and results – some of it warranted, much of it counter-productive.

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Perhaps it’s the feeling towards the manager, a coach in which he seemingly has a great relationship with – hence the Northern Irishman has entrusted the armband with Maddison during this difficult period. It is a sad position to be in that the now captain feels the need to continuously have to come to the public defence of his manager, teammates and club as a whole. Although this may be the last season we see the 26-year-old in a Leicester City shirt – hopefully not the case – there is no doubt he will be fighting till the bitter end to keep the club in the Premier League.