Why some Leicester fans think Dean Smith is wrong choice

Norwich City's English head coach Dean Smith, now at Leicester City (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)
Norwich City's English head coach Dean Smith, now at Leicester City (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images) /

The atmosphere around Seagrave has turned briefly positive with the arrival of Leicester City’s newly appointed manager Dean Smith; he has the job until the end of the season.

A momentary boost in the Foxes’ performances feels likely, as the trend of latest arrivals showed us once before in January. However, we should not get too ahead of ourselves.

The crowd, in reality, is much more hyped about the supporting baggage that arrives with the manager. Apart from Craig Shakespeare’s homecoming and Chelsea legend John Terry tagging along, there’s little to be excited about.

The 52-year-old manager’s record in the Premier League doesn’t instil much confidence when you take how Leicester City has fared with their quality this season. By our consideration, 114 games with a win rate of 28.1%, where his teams have scored 128 and conceded 191 goals, doesn’t leave us with any hope considering how our defense has remained for the last two years.

The King Power Club holds many assets. But they are not motivated enough because half of the squad’s contracts expire towards the end of this season. With the possibility of relegation looming- at large, the mentality has taken a further toll, leaving the squad in disarray.

Maybe we will see improvements in an isolated manner, as from the training videos- Shakespeare’s urge to play one-touch football and Terry’s insights into defensive strategies will no doubt help such a directionless camaraderie.

But isn’t it too late for new philosophies? Does the new in-charges have what it takes to change the frail DNA of the outfit, which has taken an enormous shape during Brendan Rodgers’ tenure?

Smith doesn’t give much hope. His supporting staff can’t conjure up something miraculous during this short time. Our fortunes depend a lot on how other relegation scraps do with the remaining games of this season.

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Without at least three to four wins, the possibility of survival looks timid. At least with a relegation specialist, the idea of survival would suffice with some hope, but this appointment, in particular, still doesn’t make any logical sense to us!