This Leicester legend declined the chance to be Foxes manager

A Leicester City legend once declined the chance to become the Foxes’ manager. Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker discusses the rejection of his boyhood club. Foxes of Leicester comment on the situation, along with talking about a separate unnerving LCFC refusal.

Lineker scored 103 goals for City during his playing career. If further proof is required as to why the Leicester-born retired striker is a revered by those true to LCFC, he was involved in saving the club years ago as well. Now Lineker has revealed that he could have been the main man on Filbert Way once upon a time:

“Because it never appealed, for a variety of reasons,” he said when asked why he never became a manager. I don’t think I’d have been very good at it. I don’t think I could have coped with leaving someone out of the team.

“I never really loved training, I found it quite boring most of the time, so if I didn’t like training, I’m not going to really like watching training. It just never, ever, ever crossed my mind.

“I got a couple of job offers, I think Villa, Doug Ellis asked me to be Villa manager, and Leicester did at one point. I got a phone call from Doug Ellis (former Aston Villa chairman), it was shortly after, I can’t remember the era apart from the fact that it was relatively soon after I’d finished playing, and he said ‘would you be interested in the Aston Villa job’, and I just said ‘management is not for me, sorry Doug’.”

Revelation about James McAtee won’t please Leicester City Football Club, nor its fan base

McAtee was reportedly pursued by the east Midlands side over the course of the summer, at the very least. The Foxes have most likely been tracking attacking midfielder for much longer than that whilst on extensive scouting duties. Nevertheless, LCFC never got their man and the news about the player’s rebuff was quite hard for Leicester fans to take, I am sure.

Basically, McAtee was supposedly close to signing on loan at King Power Stadium from Manchester City. Or was he?! Stephen Bettis, chief executive of Sheffield United, has made some details of the Blades’ eventual (re)capture public. Bettis claims that the 20-year-old went lengths to avoid switching from the Citizens to Leicestershire, and to eventually rejoin United.

In spite of a medical all booked and and ready to attend, the young footballer’s intention to play Premier League football was the decisive factor. And we cannot blame an athlete for aspiring to compete at the top level, naturally. Nonetheless, this Championship season still hurts when instances such as these arise. Even though McAtee was in Leicester at the time, the Yorkshire side apparently never gave in and won the chase.