3 Championship stars that Leicester should target for transfers

Leicester City are champions, and with a return to the Premier League incoming, the side will have a lot to do in the transfer market. Here are three players the Foxes should look to sign from our former Championship rivals.
Leicester City Trophy Parade
Leicester City Trophy Parade / Nathan Stirk/GettyImages
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As we know, several players are leaving and a few others have been used so little throughout the campaign that they will be exiting the club come their return to the Premier League. We have already discussed which positions the Champion Foxes need to focus on upon their return, but let us explore which possible Championship players the King Power club should sign.

I will be slightly realistic with this list: it is highly unlikely that we could sieze any of the Ipswich Town stars with their momentum and collective mentality leading them to the EPL as well. However, obviously taking the loanee Omari Hutchinson (Chelsea), Lief Davis, or Conor Chaplin would represent serious moves in the market.

Leicester City's best three moves

Myself, I like to look at positions and stats as well as using a bit of eye test to understand whether a player is suitable or not for the King Power side. Enzo Maresca's system also represents a challenge for us to build a set of transfers around, but we do have options.

First of all, in midfield Leicester need a goal-scoring, pacy, creative, and versatile player who can come straight into the first team to perform alongside Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and Harry Winks. Where better to look for this than the gift that just keeps giving: Norwich City.