Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall's comeback to Leicester City's critics

Leicester City's Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has commented on his sides recent poor form and hit back against critics calling the Foxes 'bottle jobs'. The pressure is on, our destiny still in our hands, this is what KDH had to say.

Leicester City v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship
Leicester City v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has been undeniably the best midfielder in the EFL Championship, and the most critical player to Enzo Maresca's Leicester system. The importance of the Englishman cannot be understated: being our most creative and clinical attacker playing the vast majority of games.

The King Power side have been rightly criticised by supporters and journalists for appearing to 'bottle' a monumental gulf at the top of the table following five wins, four losses, and one draw in their last 10 Championship fixtures. That was 16 points from a possible 30. There was a lot of poor performances and a lack of clinical finishing which led to this.

Leicester City's star-player speaks out

KDH has to recognise that Foxes supporters and pundits will be critical of what appears to be the most expensive team in Championship history, having had that massive points gap, and being in dire trouble with Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) due to what could be a sporting advantage. The pressure on Maresca's team is massive.

"(It was pleasing) especially with how much pressure we’re under. Everybody’s got their eyes on us thinking we’re going to bottle it basically... (Pressure) is part of the game... You’re always going to have pressure, especially when you’re a good team and people expect you to win games"

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall

That pressure is there because Leicester allowed themselves to be in that position. LCFC are a good team, they do have a brilliant squad, and it is fair to expect the side to win most of their games in the division with a team filled with Premier League talent. Of course, pressure is not always a bad thing: it can halt their complacency in a title fight.

"[The Norwich City match] was a great response and gives us a great platform to get as many wins as possible... You just have to take it in your stride and use it as motivation and fuel in games. We did that, everybody put in a great shift"

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall

Pressure from fans and critics can be the fuel or the spark: either it is the foundation from which the Foxes can build their motivation around, or the tinder to get the team firing with more attacking intent. Think of being in a relegation fight: teams play well and fight harder in that position. Meanwhile, Leicester have just come out of a relegation battle and now find themselves in both a title and promotion battle.

My main complaint has been the return of the Brendan Rodgers' era complacency where the head coach, players, and back of house staff keep reiterating they are 'too good to fail' or 'too big to fall'. They have created plenty of chances, not put them in the net, and kept thinking they will do enough regardless to achieve their ambitions. That is a terrible mentality to have.

Now more than ever, with financial difficulties, title and promotion aspirations in the balance, and the reputation of Leicester City on the line, supporters must get behind the players and motivate them on match day. That being said, the club, players, and the coach, are not immune to criticism and should rightly be attacked when they fall short of reasonable expectations for 'the best team in Championship history'.