Leicester City's supposed PSR breach and how the club can fix it

Leicester City had been charged with a breach of Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) while being in the Premier League. It worsened with recent news. This is how the board can help remedy the situation and get back on track.

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3. Stadium and grounds expansion

The stadium expansion plans were proposed in 2021 with the aim being to extend the East Stand and increase capacity from 32,000 to 40,000. On top of that, there would be significant regeneration of the surrounding area with a hotel to help bring in revenue. The club are allowed to spend any money they want on expansions without adding to their PSR woes: any expansion and improvement to the grounds will reduce losses. Matchday revenue is a critical part of PSR contributions: the club should look to add to their plans more food vendors and options to increase revenue further.

4. Ground utilisation

The King Power stadium itself after expansion, as well as the surrounding area, needs to be developed into a day and night venue for sporting events, music, and a plethora of other activities to increase non-match day revenue. Think of holding concerts, hosting other clubs, allowing teams and organisations to rent out the ground, small fairground attractions, and building a games room plus sports bar to make the area an all-day everyday attraction for consumers. The plans must be updated so Leicester City FC can make more money from new sources.

5. LCFC merchandise

The Foxes kits and clothing store can be a massive hit and miss sometimes. I was recently gifted an 'oodie' and the design was literally just the LCFC logo in colour plastered repeatedly over a blank blue fabric. Most of their merchandise is either boringly designed with just a basic pattern then shoving their logo on it, or just bad in general. They need a whole new merchandise team who should also design the kits: this team must design better actual products, not just plastering a logo. This is one way they can contribute to PSR by giving supporters and non-supporters genuinely interesting and useful merchandise to purchase.

What do you think Leicester City FC can do to help combat their PSR woes? Let Foxes of Leicester know through our social media channels, such as on X. One thing is certain, the King Power club need higher revenue.