The 5 names most likely to take over as new Leicester manager

Leicester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Leicester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League / Malcolm Couzens/GettyImages

If Enzo Maresca leaves Leicester City, a fresh appointment must be made on Filbert Way. Foxes of Leicester cast an eye over the names of five bosses who are apparently most likely to take over as the new LCFC manager. Which of the quintet are best suited to King Power Stadium, which person would FoL prefer and who out of the group is unlikely to take charge at LCFC?

Meanwhile, a former England Under-21 has criticised Maresca's style of play, calling the Italian's football style boring. There were members of the Blue Army who definitely agreed with that sentiment last season.

While it appears as though Maresca will go, the Foxes hierarchy and fans cannot afford to be too upset. A huge leap back to the Premier League has already been made this year. Looking forward is the correct response irrespective of who is at the helm, as opposed to longing for the past.

Darren Ambrose unimpressed with Enzo Maresca's methods or results

Ambrose, formerly of (exhaustive club list incoming) Newcastle United, Charlton Athletic, Ipswich Town, Crystal Palace and Birmingham City among other teams, isn't a fan of Maresca. A stance which he is entitled to hold; in spite of winning the Championship title, there are Leicester supporters who concur with the ex-professional.

But why doesn't Ambrose rate the already mildly successful 44-year-old? Basically, the former has raised the alarm with the Blues faithful to warn them of what he essentially describes as tedious football.

The Lego enthusiast says he has friends who support the east Midlands side. They tell him that the Foxes boss's strategy was to 'pass to death and play opponents off the pitch'. In addition to that paraphrased statement, the 40-year-old doesn't believe that this particular type of methodical approach is what Maresca's admirers at Chelsea Football Club actually desire.

The Five names linked with potentially accepting the role as Leicester City gaffer

The bookies are usually right about sporting matters, as much as that may be demoralising. Anyway, due to that basic fact, it could be advantageous for us to take a quick look at who is at the pinnacle of bookmakers' forecasting in England right now.

First of all, Spaniard Marti Cifuentes of Queens Park Rangers; he is meant to be a 9/1 possibility. Then we have Coventry City's Mark Robins and unemployed David Moyes on 8/1. One-time Blues head coach Graham Potter is rated with a 6/1 chance. Carlos Corberan leads with 9/4 odds. I know I'm in a minority, though I imagine Potter would do a good long-term job.