Tyson Fury quotes Jamie Vardy and why iconic Fox was really with executive of Italian club

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As always, Foxes of Leicester aim to bring you the latest news, views and clarifications for Leicester City Football Club. This time we explain why Jamie Vardy was with an ex-LCFC star and current chief executive officer of Italian club Como 1907. Along with commenting on a topical boxing incident after Tyson Fury quoted the iconic Fox. In addition to that, we also look at a story from Kasey McAteer on his one-time footballing hero and now King Power colleague, Vardy. There's a lot to get through, so let's get down to it!

JamieVardy was Kasey McAteer's computer password back in the day, I wonder what it is now

Yeah, the lively winger was so enthralled with the Leicestershire side's No.9 that he decided to use his hero's name as his login. I shouldn't laugh, I once had Ian Marshall as my password.

Anyway, back to the up-and-coming Foxes player. To be fair, McAteer did this around 10 years ago, when he was roughly 13-years-old. Although, I bet the squad will have a collective chuckle when they discover this revelation.

The article in question says the 22-year-old is now ecstatic not to just be playing alongside the legend of the east Midlands team, but scoring with him, too. Which he describes as a "buzz".

The Foxes starlet is looking forward to more Premier League action next season as well. It will be very interesting to see if he can reclaim a starting place and make his mark in the preeminent division.

Why Leicester City great Jamie Vardy was watching Italian football with Como 1907 chief and former Fox Dennis Wise

Over the weekend, you probably heard that Vardy was a spectator as Como went from Serie B to Serie A. The update caused slight confusion, and a bit of concern for certain members of the Blue Army, I'll bet. Mainly due to the striker's expiring contract.

Yet it appears that Vardy was most likely just socialising. Wise is CEO at i Lariani, and he is known to be friends with the Vardys. Jamie's wife Rebekah was on tv programme I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! with Wise. Nevertheless, I am still confident that the ex-England forward will re-sign with LCFC.

Tyson Fury goes full Vardy

This story is as equally funny as it is shocking, whilst not condoning violence. It appears that Vardy's superstar knows no bounds, especially after he was sort of referenced by the Heavyweight champ:

"TYSON FURY has stood up for his dad, John, after he attacked a member of Oleksandr Usyk's camp.

The Gypsy King claims he didn't see the incident, but has channelled his inner Jamie Vardy to back up his dad after the unbelievable clash.

Speaking to The Stomping Ground, he said: 'Listen, I wasn't there. I was doing interviews all day so I did get to see it all, but I just saw what everybody else saw.

'I saw some idiot chatting s*** and he got banged. End of.

'What a way to sell the fight. This is show business. We're not a political room of educated men, we're fighters and fighters teams.'"

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