Will Enzo Maresca be at Leicester City next year with big clubs watching closely?

Enzo Maresca has been a revolution at Leicester City. With that, significant interest has been seen from big clubs looking for their own revolutions. However, will the Italian be at the King Power next year should a club move for him?
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Enzo Maresca
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Maresca's a wanted man

According to reports, Spanish outlet Sevilla are intrigued by Enzo Maresca. Of course, a lot hinges on the eventual result of this campaign: at least we shall know the Foxes fate soon enough. Leicester will not want to cede their current head coach for nothing and will probably not sack the man unless the side catastrophically fails to achieve promotion in some way. So, to get him, Sevilla would have to pay up.

I also have little belief that the head coach is in anyway interested in departing the King Power at the end of the season. If he stays, regardless of which division we are in, Maresca will build his career as developing and improving sides, and could construct a legacy if he succeeds in the ultimate aim of Premier League return and then retention.

Sevilla may want to hire him to change up their style of football, but if the Championship leaders fail to get promoted the move may not even be the best choice for Sevilla. Remember, Leicester City's head coach did have a monumental gap at the top of the table, and has seen his side flounder without making tactical changes to overcome challenges. We are not talking about an oven-ready package prepared carefully by Guardiola: this is someone with a vision which is not prepared to alter. That is a weakness, and I feel that will keep Enzo Maresca at the King Power.