Did Leicester play a part in creation of European Super League?

King Power Stadium: Leicester City and Manchester United (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)
King Power Stadium: Leicester City and Manchester United (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /
Leicester City
King Power Stadium: Leicester City and Manchester United (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /

Yesterday’s news that the “Big Six” are looking to form their own super league alongside the major clubs from Spain and Italy has been widely condemned by fans and ex professionals alike but did Leicester City have a part to play in the creation of the invite only money spinner?

Leicester are one of the clubs who would be set to lose the most from the creation of the ESL as they are not deemed big enough for an invite due to the league criteria being based on a teams revenue rather than their performances on the pitch. This is an insult to the integrity of our game and a case of the big clubs not wanting to play ball anymore.

The Foxes have claimed both a Champions league and Europa League place since being promoted to the Premier League and look set to finish in a qualifying position for one of these competitions again, the rise of the “other 14” clubs in recent years including Wolves, West Ham, Everton and Villa appears to have put the Big Six into panic mode with Leicester leading the charge as the best of the rest.

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The owners of these big six clubs simply do not want to have to fight for a place in Europe every year and think they have a right to play Europe’s best no matter where they finish in the league, creating a lucrative invite only tournament that these teams are guaranteed to qualify for ensures these clubs continue to get richer and creates an uneven playing field.

The FA, UEFA and the Premier League have all condemned the proposal of the ESL, probably with their own best interests in mind as they would be set to lose their most marketable assets or at very least see them rotate their sides when the have don’t have anything to play for in the less lucrative domestic competitions but this is still a start. The ESL simply cannot go ahead with it’s current structure and the backlash is expected to be devastating with All the current international and domestic governing bodies suggesting they will ban any ESL clubs from playing in their competitions.

Of course this would be terrible news for Leicester and every other team in England that would see a drastic reduction in TV and prize money going forwards which seems unthinkable for a side that are in with a chance of a top four finish and have booked their place in the FA cup final. We shouldn’t be too surprised however as it was widely reported in 2020 that an anonymous Executive on the board for “Project big picture” said “We don’t want too many Leicester Cities”

As much as the humble fan loves an underdog story it is glaringly obvious that the hierarchy of football don’t want to see a scrappy team from the East Midlands become successful and more to the point, they don’t like that Leicester are inspiring others, Leeds United have been quite vocal in the past stating that they have used Leicester as a template for their own rise and their fearless approach to the big clubs this season is definitely something they may build on.

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Whatever happens going forwards you can be sure that Leicester will continue to spearhead the rise of the rebels as Brendan’s plan to disrupt the Big Six appears to have come to fruition.