Leicester: Is Ayoze Perez hinting at a transfer from Foxes?

Leicester City

Ayoze Perez of Leicester City (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Leicester City forward and former Newcastle United player, Ayoze Perez, has been interacting on social media with his ex-fan base. Is this a hint that the Spaniard fancies a transfer back to the Magpies?

Ayoze Perez is a mercurial talent: an attacker with unpredictable input from game-to-game, possibly explainable by an ever-changing role; a usually level temperament that does occasionally show Mediterranean heat; and one who sometimes says what he truly thinks, unlike most footballers, when fan bases even if take slight offence.

We saw an example of that last mentioned situation when the 27-year-old explained that Leicester is a bit boring as a city to him, and that London is much more entertaining. Obviously we all know that the capital is more interesting comparatively but we don’t say it – especially if you happen to be representing a proud place such as Leicestershire.

Is Leicester City striker angling for a move to his former side?

So, Perez took to Twitter on Friday to interact with his followers; Newcastle supporters, still enamoured with their onetime favourite, seemed popular. It would be a bit strange, whilst being very admirable, for a former player currently at elite level elsewhere to conduct a social media love-in with his ex-support.

However, Perez was in an open question and answer session – free to all. Although, to go a bit further by supplementing the nostalgic talk by labelling a goal for your previous team as an all-time ‘favourite’ leads one to deduce that the Spaniard may not be on Filbert Way for much longer. Or, judging by other Newcastle comments of his, that he could be open to a comeback to St James’ Park.

To be fair, the poser above is a tough one: Gary Lineker’s career was wrapping up when I personally became emersed in football, therefore I’d have to agree with the contemporary Fox.

Though Perez won’t win any extra support from the Blue Army by not choosing Foxes in face offs. The consensus for a while among the more vocal support has been that LCFC should sell him.