Youri Tielemans feels good at Leicester but leaving is a possibility

Youri Tielemans of Belgium and Leicester City (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)
Youri Tielemans of Belgium and Leicester City (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images) /
Leicester City
Youri Tielemans of Belgium and Leicester City (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images) /

Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans has spoken openly about his possible future while on international duty. Here are all the details.

Most supporters feel the time of the Belgian ‘Starman’ has come to an end. With no new contract and no European football, the likelihood of our world-class midfielder remaining at King Power Stadium has become awfully slim.

However, the option of staying remains a possibility should no better option present itself to the Belgian international. There remains a single season left on the player’s contract.

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Leicester City respected by Youri Tielemans

While on international duty, the No. 8 was asked to comment on his future. Despite no concrete commitment either way, his comments when enquired about leaving were enthralling.

"“That is not out of the question. But I can also stay. I feel very good at Leicester… But of course you have to listen to other opportunities”"

There is no clarification on anything in these comments. The only thing Tielemans says he shall do is to listen to what offers are brought in for him. In other words, the Belgian is considering leaving and will see what comes his way.

Additionally, the player commented on his contractual situation with the Foxes. The ‘Starman’ is certainly relaxed as the one year left on his current deal provides ample time for a more suitable destination to emerge – including staying.

"“You need to stay calm. I’m good where I am. I still have a year left on my contract. I’m not in a rush. When you change clubs, you don’t change just to change. You change because there is a great project on the table”"

Brendan Rodgers will equally be relaxed. Regardless of whether he stays or goes, Tielemans will raise funds or be a critical payer in the side. The midfielder remains integral to how the Foxes perform on the pitch, so when he performs worse, so do we.


There ought to be only two options Leicester should consider. Either we need to sell Tielemans to raise some funds and not lose him on a free next year, or the Foxes should tie him down on a two/three year deal.

Without firm closure by signature or speech concerning his career, the King Power club must sell the player. I love him, he has been brilliant and will continue to be. However, there is no room for excessive sentiment.

The player has a career to progress and Leicester City have a team to rebuild and refresh. If we can get the player on a contract, obviously I would prefer keeping the Belgian No. 8. We shall see if this gets anywhere.

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I predict he should be at Arsenal come the end of the window. This is only because they are the front runners and have a great project ongoing with a young squad. The perfect place to fit in and get first team minutes.