No transfers on the horizon whatsoever for Leicester this summer

Leicester City

Leicester City’s Northern Irish manager Brendan Rodgers (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

There are absolutely no transfers currently on the horizon whatsoever for Leicester City this summer, with the market only open for less than two weeks.

What a headline that is. Even the most measured, in the know and steady Foxes fans are going to worry about Foxes of Leicester‘s above title. There is no doubt about it. Regardless of the club’s admirable ‘sustainable model’, the fact is that regeneration aids sustainability.

Essentially, what I am saying is that every sports team needs fresh blood; in football, with 11 variables, freshness seems crucial to a further extent. To his own eventual detriment, Manager Brendan Rodgers admitted as much as last season slowly expired. Subsequently it became clear that there was a reluctance to sign anybody, emanating from the LCFC board.

The ironic thing was, of course, that Rodgers personally had to steadily contradict himself over preseason as he revealed there were no ongoing negotiations, nor where any acquisitions imminent. Among the Blue Army, maxims such as ‘if you don’t laugh, you’d cry’ are becoming very prevalent in 2022.

The club remain in a good position, we are informed by trustworthy journalists. Supporters remain content with the Srivaddhanaprabha family at the helm; Khun Top is well-liked and admired. Most of the faithful understand that money can’t and won’t be spent like six or seven of the leading Premier League sides – and that’s fine.

The ones amongst us who were in the stands at Filbert Street and supported the outfit in the dark days of League One – I actually enjoyed lower division adventures, too, to be honest – have felt spoiled since 2016 anyway. That doesn’t mean reinforcements wouldn’t be more than welcome.

However, during the Northern Irishman’s Thursday press conference pre-Southampton, a sobering update emerged. It appears no signings are likely at all this summer, as you can see by Rodgers’ answer to the questions below:

No incomings?

“Not at the moment. The work has been with the players who are here.”

What’s the situation?

“I don’t know the finances of the club. I run the football department. If they say we can’t sign a player, I trust the club.”