Why I still want Leicester City to sack Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rogers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images)
Brendan Rogers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images) /
Leicester City
Brendan Rogers, manager of Leicester City (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images) /

It had been a rough start to the season for Brendan Rodgers and the Leicester City fans. A 2-1 defeat to Bournemouth had Leicester sitting in last place in the Premier League. But, three consecutive clean sheets have helped the Foxes jump right above the relegation zone with 11 points on the season. Successive victories and great play have finally given fans something to be excited about this season. However, the unexpected excitement has made our fanbase forget one key thing: Rodgers still needs to be sacked.

The board had countless amounts of chances to sack the former Liverpool gaffer this season if they wanted to. So with LCFC starting to play well, it seems unlikely Rodgers will get sacked. Although, if we want to make the most out of our season, he needs to go.

Firstly, his expectations and mentality are key factors on why our season started off so poorly. With world-class players like James Maddison, Wesley Fofana (at the time) and Youri Tielemans, Rodgers set a goal for his side at 40 points for the campaign. The last time Leicester got just 40 points in a season was in 2014/2015, our first top-flight term since being promoted from the Championship. Plus, Leicester has had top-half finishes on the table ever since the 2017/2018 season. With the squad only getting better each year, it’s ridiculous to set your squad a ‘let’s get 40 points’ mentality.

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Mentality is the most underrated aspect of the sport and the Northern Irishman provides none for the team. It is evident in post match press conferences with his excuses. Never has he taken accountability. Regularly an excuse or answer that dodges the question occurs. You can argue that is not enough to say Rodgers doesn’t provide the right motivation but just look at our results in early 2022/23. How many times has the side had leads they ended up blowing and losing points?! That factor happening on a common basis is worrying and has nothing to do with the skill of the side: it all comes down to mentality.

We have also had an issue with set-piece defending for the past three seasons. Matters like this will come up for any outfit, yet fixability is necessary. How do we have the exact same problem for three straight campaigns? That is just flat-out ridiculous, especially for a club with the expectations and talents of Leicester City.

Despite the great substitutes he made against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Rodgers has been horrendous with changes. That’s when he actually makes some. Against the Cherries he made two subs while we were up a goal. Bournemouth took the lead just four minutes after they were made. This is just one example of how Rodgers’ poor substitutes and tactics have cost us games.

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Even though we have had a couple of good, successive victories, it cannot overshadow what the main agenda is. Rodgers has to go before we go on another poor run of losses. The EPL table is too tight to just wait and hope for the best.