Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall: struggles getting to best job in world

Harvey Barnes of Leicester City celebrates with Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)
Harvey Barnes of Leicester City celebrates with Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images) /
Leicester City
Harvey Barnes of Leicester City celebrates with Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images) /

Leicester City’s Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has opened up about struggles developing from an academy player into a fully-fledged senior. Here is what he said.

The path was not always lined with gold for breakout star ‘KDH’. Not too long ago, the player was being sent on multiple loans and before that struggled to get into the starting XI for the U23 side. Of course, all of that is bygone history now.

The English midfielder has progressed from a great talent into one of the most integral players to the way Brendan Rodgers’ side behave and perform on the pitch. A passionate performance from the lad breeds confidence into the whole side and supports the ever-present James Maddison.

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What the Leicester City man said

When asked about his progression through to the first team, the 24-year-old had interesting comments regarding his physicality. As per LeicestershireLive,

"“[There has been] a lot of ups and downs… [being a footballer is] so hard at times, and people don’t see a lot of what happens”"

There has always been many elements of the game the general public and even fervant supporters never catch sight of. These are the dark recesses of mental health issues, physical health issues, and an incessant feeling of not being good enough. This clearly affected the talented midfielder.

"“I had a lot of setbacks coming through the academy. I was a very small lad… i was always the smallest in my age group. I never got the chance to play in group above”"

For young potential players, they need to be training their physical and technical attributes constantly to have any chance of reaching the pinnacle. To be given seldom chances due to height provided a major stress to the Shepshed lad: not playing, not getting those opportunities, he had to work so much harder for them.

"“It got to the point where I said to my mum: ‘can you please take me to the doctors? when am I ever going to grow?… I thought I needed growth hormones”"

The mental and physical drain must have been tough for the star. Nevertheless, KDH pushed onwards without taking needless actions and has certainly come out the better for it. He focused on technical ability and patiently waited for the physicality to come later; when it did, the midfielder was already a brilliantly rounded and tactically astute team player.

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Although the road was tough, it is great to see Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall becoming a fan-favourite and supporter himself, playing for his boyhood club and making a name for himself in the Premier League. From that strife and his passion, I would argue KDH will one day make a fine captain or vice captain for the Foxes, and help beckon in new exciting prospects.