What does history tell us about Leicester’s survival prospects?

If we look at the past, Leicester’s survival prospects this coming season don’t look impossible. However, there is no precedent for a club entering the top-flight with the disadvantages the Foxes will face next season.
Leicester need another Jimmy Bloomfield
Leicester need another Jimmy Bloomfield / Robert Stiggins/GettyImages
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1. Leicester City's longest stays in the top-flight

* Ten years between 1925-1935 largely due to the legendary goal-scoring exploits of Arthur Chandler
* the 12 year stay in the Matt Gillies era between 1957-1969
* seven years with the ‘entertainers’ managed by Jimmy Bloomfield between 1971-1978
* four years under Gordon Milne’s management between 1983-1987 with the bulk of the goals coming from Gary Lineker and Alan Smith, 
* six years between 1996-2002 most of it with Martin O'Neil as boss.
* the nine years recently experienced before relegation in 2023.

In actual fact, then, Leicester’s record is pretty good. Fascinating statistics, provided by those with seem to have too much time on their hands, shows that the Foxes are 13th in the all-time Premier League table with 218 wins from 650 games, higher than eight other current members of the top-flight (not surprisingly, Manchester United are out in front). In terms of the entire history of the top league in England, LCFC are 24th with 737 wins from 2,242 games, higher than six teams currently in the top league (Liverpool have the best overall record).