Exclusive: Kasper Schmeichel’s new video game inspired boots


Foxes of Leicester take an exclusive look at Kasper Schmeichel’s new video game inspired boots. In addition, EA Sports tell us all about how the idea came from new game Anthem.

Adidas have teamed up with EA Sports and French boot-designer Pierre Navarro – who’s worked with footballers such as Antoine Griezmann, Romelu Lukaku, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Didier Drogba amongst others – to create a new design to be worn by Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Three other Premier League stars will sport the footwear in this weekend’s fixtures. They include: Tottenham Hotspur’s Erik Lamela, West Ham United’s Felipe Anderson and Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard. Lingard will wear his following reintroduction due to injury.

Foxes of Leicester now take an exclusive closer perusal, and education, of the very unique and different seeming football boots. This fascinating custom take comes from the new video game “Anthem”, from developers BioWare and game publishers Electronic Arts, and its “Javelin suit” feature.

Soccerbible explains the game further:

"“In the game, players customise an array of powered Javelin exosuits and team up to face a dangerous and ever-changing world through exploration and combat. The Javelin suits provide their wearers with superhuman capabilities and the players have been matched with the Javelins that reflect their own abilities.”"

Leicester City premiere

Fulham visit Leicester City’s King Power Stadium on Saturday and the Danish stopper will show of his fresh pair in-goal. Their name is the Adidas COPA Colossus. Inspiring; hopefully to the end of Schmeichel earning another clean sheet and prospectively improving his kicking distribution.

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This is what EA Sports say on the matter of why the star players are sporting the new designs:

"“Today, Electronic Arts in partnership with Adidas and French boot-designer Pierre Navarro unveiled exclusive customized boots for four top Premier League players.“Jesse Lingard, Felipe Anderson, Erik Lamela and Kasper Schmeichel will each wear a pair of uniquely personalized football boots for the first time during this weekend’s fixtures.“The boots are based on each star’s style of play, aiming to reflect their own abilities on the field and the “Javelin suit” in EA’s new game, Anthem.“Each player will wear them on the pitch in their matches this weekend, listed below:· Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur (Saturday 9th March, 3pm)· Leicester City v Fulham (Saturday 9th March, 3pm)· Cardiff City v West Ham United (Saturday 9th March, 3pm)· Jesse Lingard will wear the boots upon his return from injury”Via EA Sports"

So it’s a big game-week for the ‘Here to create’ team. They truly have some great players to display their product. The process of design and manufacture is closely related to the players’ feeling and overall style.

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Subsequent to the announcement of the players wearing the new footwear, Leicester City’s No.1 explained how his choice is fitting: “Power and strength are key to any goalkeeper’s game so Colossus is a great fit for me. I always have loved bright boots as I feel they make me look bigger and more imposing in-goal.”