Premier League may postpone Leicester fixtures

An NHS banner, Leicester City (Photo by TIM KEETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
An NHS banner, Leicester City (Photo by TIM KEETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Premier League awaits to “hear” whether the city of Leicester’s resumed lockdown will place the Foxes’ remaining fixtures in jeopardy.

You may or may not have read our article this morning, about the city of Leicester resuming its lockdown due to an intense spike in coronavirus cases in the area.

Today – Tuesday – Government Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, spoke about measures that will be imposed, such as school closures for most students; nonessential stores shutting; and travel only being permitted for vital journeys. The police will have power to enforce the restarted restrictions.

What this means to Leicester City FC

In regard to football, obviously it isn’t as important as protecting the community’s health and well-being. Therefore the rules seem justifiability. However, Hancock also explained that Leicester City’s fixtures are set to go ahead.

In fact, the cabinet minister did not say that the games would be moved to a neutral venue or cancelled/postponed. On Tuesday, the Foxes travel to Merseyside for a clash with Everton. Then on Saturday, the East Midlanders expect to welcome Crystal Palace to King Power Stadium. It is assumed the Toffees contest will be played.

However, according to updates from prominent national media since this morning’s reports, Premier League bossed await a decision which could see Leicester’s subsequent matches postponed or moved to a later date. Although BBC Sport suggest a contingency plan is in place.

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For more details about the affects of coronavirus, if you’ve been affected, or to discover about Leicestershire’s renewed lockdown, Foxes of Leicester have provided a link to this government website.