Brendan Rodgers sounds a bit delusional after Leicester defeat

Tottenham Hotspur thrashed Leicester City 3-0 on Sunday, to the extreme disappointment of the Foxes faithful. Brendan Rodgers kept his usual fantasist views.

First of all, here is my pre-rant preamble disclaimer: I want Brendan Rodgers to be the Leicester City manager going forward, he is the right man for the job. Yet he isn’t always correct, as with any of us opinionated folk. Nor did he sound like a realist following the heavy, destructive defeat to Tottenham Hotspur.

England and Spurs captain Harry Kane bagged a brace and the talented South Korean winger, Son Heung-min, grabbed the other goal that sunk the eventually hapless Foxes. But City were in the game for the duration, having more than three time the shots of their Premier League rival.

However, composure, innovation, ideas and a clinical nature all evaded Leicester throughout. There were also warning signs and consequently danger then conceding from bad, uncommitted or generally poor defending for bad measure.

It’s almost like the East Midlands team are on the precipice of something truly great, such as the title win. Though this time it’ll be less dramatic and more consistently sustained success in and around the top of the division. That’s the dream, anyway.

Leicester City boss sounds rather delusional

Following the loss to Tottenham away, Leicester City boss Rodgers spoke to media. Per Reuters, Foxes of Leicester get the feeling that he isn’t being entirely truthful or he is rather delusional.

The Northern Irishman said this:

“It will be absolutely perfect. It will be all in [referencing the winner takes all match versus Manchester United next weekend].

“The players have been fantastic. We’ve got one last opportunity. Whatever the result was today, we needed a result next week.

“I always felt that no matter how well you do, there will always be disappointment.”

– Brendan Rodgers

Now, obviously Rodgers is accurate in saying regardless of Leicester’s Spurs result it would come down to the United finale. Fair enough. But momentum and goal difference has evaporated. Yes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side has also suffered recently but they are now a stunning force.

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To say it’s perfect is slightly worrying – it’s a knife edge clash. His last point: “always disappointment” – not in 2015/16, mate! Listen, the King Power outfit have done brilliantly this season, but realism will help Rodgers right his team’s wrongs. A perpetual optimism leads to ignorance of issues; losing a crucial contest by three means fans arguably deserve an apology, not the everlasting upbeat stuff. Hopefully Leicester can surpass United, it will certainly be an exciting one!

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