Leicester: You’ll like Kolo Toure even more after reading this

Leicester City

Leicester City’s first team coach Kolo Toure (L) and Leicester City’s English-born Jamaican defender Wes Morgan (R) (Photo by MICHAEL REGAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Leicester City’s likeable coach Kolo Toure was once a fairly iconic player. Now the former Manchester City man has given a candid interview.

Yaya, Yaya-Yaya, Yaya-Yaya, Yaya-Yaya Toure,
Kolo, Kolo-Kolo, Kolo-Kolo, Kolo-Kolo Toure, (and repeat as many times as you like) is a marvellous terrace song. Even better is the fact that it’s about two brothers who, at the time, played for the same soon-to-be footballing superpower, Manchester City.

Kolo also played for Arsenal and under current Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers at Celtic in the Scottish Premier League. That is where – along with assisting in the Ivory Coast’s African Cup of Nations – the elder Toure began transition to, and learning the trade of, a coach. Then the Ivorian followed the Northern Irishman back to England to take a first team staff role at LCFC.

Everything seems to be going well for Rodgers and his team, as the King Power side should qualify for the 2021/22 Champions League. And that journey and aim being realised has certainly been a group effort.

Now it is nice to hear some insight from Toure, who has possibly endeared himself to Foxes fans further due to a revealing, interesting and humorous interview.

Kolo Toure talks life at Leicester City

Toure spoke to Four Four Two about arriving to Leicestershire, and about “Mr Leicester”, Jamie Vardy. Vardy apparently sort of took Kolo under his wing – as much as anyone can with a superior, being a club legend would definitely help – by singing the classic Citizens chant (the one at the start of this article) to welcome him. They actually often sing the song together and dance to it at training.

Additionally Toure says, comically, that being a coach is different to being a player “Being a coach isn’t like being a player, though: you actually have to go to work”.

Furthermore, the 40-year-old states that the King Power side is a “special” outfit, and one Rodgers and his cohorts hope to bring stability to.