Who and What the Blue Army want in a manager as Enzo Maresca departs Leicester

The King Power side were crowned champions of the Championship and promoted back to the Premier League. With Chelsea initiating a move for Enzo Maresca, here is what the Blue Army themselves want as the Italian leaves the Foxes.
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Change, big names, and possibly downright delusional. These are the hallmarks of what kinds of managers Leicester City supporters want in the current situation. Although still not confirmed, the exit of the Italian head coach leaves the King Power side in an odd position: on the one hand, it gives the club a chance at bringing in a coach we know can help stave of relegation. Yet, on the other it would be the commencement of another new project.

A project Leicester cannot afford. Nonetheless, the Blue Army have spoken: Foxes of Leicester asked supporters who they wanted, and the answers came in droves, but of course centred around particular names. I shall list through the main contenders and what they ought to bring to the table.

Leicester City supporters chosen head coach

I have crunched the numbers from the post, and there is little agreement on who would make the best replacement, while there are also a few oddball suggestions laced within the overwhelming 4-way debate. Here are the main contenders.

1. Carlos Corberán, Graham Potter, and David Moyes

Each with seven mentions at the time of writing, this trio stands as the representation of what supporters really want: either inspiration or bleak realism. Potter is a big name with big potential, yet it is Corberan who shares Maresca's patient possession style. Moyes is not flashy, but currently free.

2. Ruud van Nistelrooy

With six mentions, RVN represents a vision: another inexperienced coach who can be given a project, a name to build, and time to impose his vision. Although not a big name in the manager world, Nistelrooy would be an exiciting addition to the King Power as well as sharing the same stylistic preference as the Italian.

3. Roberto De Zerbi, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, and Oscar Garcia

The three least mentioned with only two each (although there was a passing call for Will Still). Garcia is not a flashy name - being already employed at our sister club OHL - while De Zerbi is almost an impossibility considering the trajectory of his career. 'Ole' is an interesting one to see mentioned: steer clear Foxes.

Supporters - including myself - need to be realistic. Potter, De Zerbi, and possibly even Moyes will be off the cards for this season at least. With financial struggles due to PSR hindering our ability to spend big wages, it is more likely to see a manager with a career to build, a project to continue, or simply due to their price.

This is where Nistelrooy comes into the foreground for Leicester: a young aspiring coach off the back of coaching one of the more exciting clubs in Europe - PSV Eindhoven. The former player knows the game, plays an attractive possession brand of football, and can continue the existing project without sacrificing paying extortionate compensation charges or throwing money at an experienced manager like Moyes.

The Dutchman might be a gamble due to his firey attitude and inexperience, yet offers an exciting prospect of rebuilding Leicester City with his name sure to attract some talent to the doorstep of the Foxes. The King Power ought to make this gamble. Corberan too offers an exciting extension to the existing project and of course already has good experience in English football: another good shout.