Does Ben Chilwell deserve to be condemned by Leicester fans?

Ben Chilwell of Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Ben Chilwell of Leicester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Because Ben Chilwell may move to Chelsea, didn’t defend their goal very well and smiled at the scorer after the loss, he was vilified by Leicester City fans.

Where to start with this one? Errm, it didn’t look good, did it? Laughing with the goalscorer of a game’s only goal directly after the final whistle as you lose. Oh yeah, and you didn’t defend the cross for the finish, you just stood there and put your arms in the air calling for support. Foxes of Leicester are naturally referring to Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell, and his riling of their own fan base against Chelsea. The club that incidentally, reportedly, wants to sign him.

Basically, some of the chatter, accusations and indignation on Twitter has been, well, surprising actually; not shocking – because, it’s Twitter. However, this time the more intense Foxes faithful have a bit of a point. At the very least Chilwell was unwise as well as naive to be filmed smiling at the end of the game.

It was a completely avoidable yet inadvisable scenario, one that only took seconds. A brief giggle between international team-mates. Though the left-back should’ve known better than to engage happily after being knocked out of a competition Leicester fans keenly desire to win – the club has never won the FA Cup.

Would Jamie Vardy or Kasper Schmeichel receive the level of criticism or personal attacks that the current England international has endured, in the same situation? No, probably not. Although, neither Schmeichel or Vardy seem to be almost out of the door. Nor have either of them allowed a dangerous opponent to simply complete a move, or effectively assist an opposition goal.

Is Chilwell giving his all for Leicester City?

In conclusion, I am not 100 per cent sure that Chilwell is giving his all for the team every match; he certainly seemed more dynamic when he was making his name in the previous campaign. Yet as an academy graduate I find it hard to believe he’s not fully committed, regardless of a majority of uneven displays. Obviously the possibility of a significant transfer will play on his mind, maybe it even dominates his thoughts.

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We will never know the truth of this theory of being uncommitted or trying not to get injured in case it scuppers a switch. Only the player himself truly knows what’s happening inside of his head. I do feel as though if City have a poor league run-in from now, that laughter with Barkley will remain in the Blue Army conscious. My advice for the King Power outfit is to seriously consider any offer higher than around £60 million for Chilwell.